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Support Beekeeper Liability Protection

Today the House Judiciary Committee voted UNANIMOUSLY in favor of protecting beekeepers from liability.

Next, the Rules Committee must act on HB 1133.

Please send an email to pull 1133 out of Rules and to the floor for a vote.

Click Here to send an email to the Rules Committee

Your message could simply be “Please protect beekeepers and pollinators by pulling 1133 out of Rules to the floor for a vote” in your own words.
Or you can write more by using some of these ideas:

  • This bill would decrease fear of lawsuits and encourage backyard beekeeping and ecosystem services: a win for the public, for the environment, for beekeepers and for honey bees.
  • This bill encourages registration with WSDA creating channels to spread bee health information
  • Honey bees provide pollination of trees, flowers, and gardens but urbanization has decreased the population of native pollinators
  • Honey bees help keep our ecosystem healthy in spite of urban development
  • Beekeeping is suppressed by fear of lawsuits in urban and urban/rural mix areas
  • Homeowners insurance won’t cover beekeeping, or is too expensive to buy
  • New beekeepers sometimes become commercial beekeepers, serving large scale food production of tree fruit, berries, nuts, and vegetables

Please keep your email short! Long emails don’t get read.
Email me with questions. Thanks for your advocacy for bees and beekeepers!
And thanks to Reps. Hansen and Shea for their bipartisan effort!