Ultimate Uncapping System

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When ordered together the Bee Smart Designs© Ultimate Comb Slicer comes conveniently nested inside the Ultimate Uncapper to make storage simple and easy.

Ultimate Hive Uncapper

• Cut up or down
• Works with all uncapping tools
• Drainage system directs honey and cappings into bucket
• No mess!
• Holds medium and shallow frames
• Works with wood or plastics, square or bevel cornered frames.
• Made in USA from recycled materials.
• Fits any 5-6 gallon bucket with or without strainer or filter bag. Deep grooved for stability
• Lightweight with built-in hand hold
• Smooth surface cleans up easily
• Stores easily in bucket

Hive Uncapper Brochure


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Ultimate Capping Slicer

The easy-to-use Ultimate Capping Slicer has an ergonomic grip, a blade to separate frames, depth gauges for regular or deep slicing and 12 two-sided blades for just the right slicing action.

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